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Stay Alive is a tense survival sandbox game that offers you to do everything possible to survive in the vastness of a harsh post-apocalyptic world. Go to the heart of the Siberian forests, search for food and additional weapons, try not to become a victim of wandering predators, learn to exist in the wild, and most importantly-find a way to cope with the growing sense of cold, which literally tears you from the inside. And remember-somewhere in these lands there are other survivors, to unite with which is your primary task. It is possible that tomorrow they will save your frozen skin...

Install instructions

Launch Starter.exe, or in the Launcher folder, launch the app, Launcher.exe

or download: https://stayalive3d.ru/Stay_Alive.zip


Launcher.zip 1 MB

Development log


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so clunky and buggy.. i dont even know how to properly pickup/replace guns or reload. i killed 2 russians with a revolver and sawed off shotty though. that was fun

Expect game updates. follow the news: https://vk.com/stayalive3d

Чёт страшно это скачивать?
Ооо, неужели всё как раньше?
Неужели лишь пробных 4 часа игры? Круто!